Welcome to Recycled LP Records

Welcome to Recycled LP Records

Welcome to Recycled LP Records Welcome to Recycled LP Records Welcome to Recycled LP Records


About Us

Recycled LP Records upcycles damaged, scratched and unwanted vinyl records, headed for the landfill. If the lps are of value, we buy, sell and trade them. If they are not playable on a turntable, then they are given new life in the form of clocks, bowls, record label coasters, sleeve notebooks, bracelets and anything we or our customers can think of! The records on this site are all available for recycling at etsy.com/ca/shop/RecycledLPRecords OR for sale at CA$10 each. Either way contact us to make sure the records you want to recycle or buy are available.


Alphabetical lists of lps


Check out the menu for alphabetical lists of lp records that are available to be recycled into fun, upbeat gifts and household goods: lp clocks, vinyl bowls, record label coasters, bracelets and sleeve notebooks, to name a handful.

Order recycled products here

Recycled record coasters, lp coasters, drink coasters

Choose the record(s) you want upcycled, visit our etsy shop at RecycledLPRecords and send us a message to make sure your chosen vinyl is available. Get your hands on some tangible music memorabilia…these products will be the centre of attention and a great conversation starter at your next get-together!

Buy records

Alphabetical lists of records for sale, vintage vinyl to buy, sell, trade and recycle.

Record album titles followed by an asterisk (*) are in Very Good (VG) to Near Mint (NM) condition and can be bought for $10 each plus shipping, should you be looking for a playable lp. Contact Us to check for availability of the record and shipping options.