Below are alphabetical lists of lp records that are available to be recycled into fun, upbeat gifts and household goods: lp clocks, vinyl bowls, record label coasters, bracelets and sleeve notebooks, to name a handful.

Record album titles followed by an asterisk (*) are in Very Good (VG) to Near Mint (NM) condition and can be bought for $10 each plus shipping, should you be looking for a playable lp. Contact Us to check for availability of the record.

Choose the record(s) you want upcycled, visit and send us a message to make sure your chosen vinyl is available. Get your hands on some tangible music memorabilia…these products will be the centre of attention and a great conversation starter at your next get-together! 



  • 3*

Fifth Dimension (The 5th Dimension)

  • Greatest Hits
  • 20 Greatest Hits

Fine Young Cannibals

  • Fine Young Cannibals*
  • The Raw & The Cooked

Firm, The

  • The Firm*
  • Mean Business*

Fixx, The

  • Phantoms
  • Reach the Beach*


  • Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture

Fleetwood Mac

  • Tusk
  • Mirage*
  • Rumours*
  • Mystery to Me*
  • Black Magic Woman*
  • The Pious Bird of Good Omen


  • Tonight*


  • Live*
  • Tight Shoes*
  • Fool for the City


  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


  • 4*
  • Records*
  • Foreigner*
  • Head Games*
  • Double Vision*
  • Agent Provocateur*

Franki Valli

  • Closeup

Frank Sinatra

  • Merry Christmas To You*

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

  • Flying Down to Rio and Carefree (Soundtracks)

Frozen Ghost

  • Frozen Ghost